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Visual VR leading virtual reality (VR) World, where you can experience the newest frontier in entertainment. Visual VR is a network of physical virtual reality stations using HTC VIVE & OCULUS RIFT. Our location allow our visitors (you!) to come in and play VR with your friends by the hour and truly experience gaming and immersion at its pinnacle. With a catalog of 100 different games including 20 different multiplayer games, whether you are alone and want to try a very unique experience or you are a group of friends who wants to play a variety of multiplayer games , VISUAL VR shall be your next destination.


dozens of virtual reality experiences, making the high-end technology more accessible to users.

World Wide

Visual VR offers the future of virtual reality gaming in your hands.


Our VR games will make you feel like an unstoppable.


Our VR games will immerse you in the largest virtual reality experience you would ever have.


You can be immersed in a first-person shooter, arcade game, exploratory environments, or simply an interactive experience. All standard stations have a half-hour minimum booking, which costs EGP110.00. Price breaks are built in when you book 6+ stations. We have all games across all stations, and update the list monthly.


A huge breadth of content and game genres wonderfully showcases inventive VR design, best-in-class visuals and binaural audio soundscapes.


Our innovative new technology will place you directly inside the game, with Incredible virtual reality adventures, offering a level of immersion never before possible.


  • Teleport around boundless virtual worlds.
  • Realistic graphics, directional audio.

  • Realistic movement and actions in the virtual world.

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You can easily book any game you want through our website, there many other games available in our place, you can view some of our best picks below, you can always change your mind when you arrive to our place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Step into Visual-VR, and you immerse yourself in casting spells, blasting zombies, or exploring new worlds. With our room-scale setup or racing seats, your full body and hand movements are tracked to create a completely interactive experience. Your headset is connected to a gaming desktop with a high-end graphics card which paints a brilliant display. And, of course, we have a wide variety of single- and multi-player games in our library. The experience is unreal. Don’t take our word for it, come try it out!

We’ve found that virtual reality is a social experience. Not only can you interact with each other in multiplayer games, it’s fun to watch others play and to take turns trying to beat each other’s high scores. Book several stations together with your friends and play with/against each other in-headset, or book one station and swap in and out. We also provide retro video games, board games, and comfy couches where you can hang out and watch others play in virtual reality for as long as you like. A standard session is 30 minutes, but you can always add back-to-back sessions!

Our Dads love it! The experience is unlike any other and definitely worth a try; we know you’ll be hooked. We have a variety of games and experiences, so if exploring the Icelandic wilderness is more your speed than soldiering up in Call of Duty, we’ll have something you’re into. If you don’t want to book a whole 30 minutes, just split a session with a friend.

Virtual reality is perfectly safe, and many advances have been made in the technology since its introduction to ensure a very low risk of nausea and disorientation.

Full body motion is required for some games. This includes walking around the space, ducking or dodging, and moving your arms and head. However, many experiences can be modified and only require movement of the head, and we have experiences that can be done standing or seated. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss any concerns and we will be happy to make accommodations.

You certainly can! We recommend wearing contacts if possible, but the headset does fit over most glasses. Sometimes both our near-sighted and far-sighted friends need to use their corrective lenses, so bring them to be safe.

Any age can play, but we do require a parent on site with all minors under 13. Typically, kids who are 8+ have a great experience. We have had plenty of kids younger than that, but it’s on a case-by-case basis to see if everything will fit and be comfortable for them.

Yes! VR is a spectator sport, and you can always watch others play on our TVs hooked to every headset, or hang out and play our other retro video games or board games. We also have multiplayer options: if you sign up for more than one station, you can play games together from inside VR.

Your slot is completely time-based – so you can play as many games as you want to choose! Realistically, we find that most people play 1-3 games during a 30 min session.

Yes – however, we definitely recommend pre-booking your slots! If you walk in, we cannot guarantee availability.

Absolutely! We will add new ones based on your feedback and our own research into the latest games that have performed strongly in testing phases. Have any great recommendations? Please share them with the staff.


Date Night Special – March

March 8th, 2019|

For the remainder of March and the whole month of April we want to extend the opportunity for everyone to enjoy our Date Night Special! [...]

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